16th July 2016

Featured Volunteer – Monica McGregor

“I am a Counsellor at the Zoe’s Project since March 2015. I am very dedicated, compassionate and organized. I do believe counselling is not a job but a calling and you’ve got to love people.” 

I got to know about the Zoe Project through my daughter, she was in Grade 11 in 2014, and had arranged a Woman’s drive at her school in aid of Woman’s day – the girls donated boxes and boxes of toiletries so unselfishly. She went on the Zoe’s webpage and saw the need for toiletries and decided to donate to a much worthy course.

We met Tracey at the Retreat MOU and loved her friendly personality; she invited us to Zoe’s annual AGM which we attended. The warm reception and friendly faces was overwhelming. After hearing the inspirational and heart-warming testimonies of few of the girls, I knew that very moment this is a project I would want to get involve in.

I believe from that moment on God directed me there, nothing happens by coincidence. I have loved and enjoyed every moment since meeting all the friendly people at The Zoe Project.


16th July 2016