16th July 2016

Featured Volunteer – Nandipha Sohashe

“I grew up in Khayelitsha. I had my first child at the age of 15. My family tried to support me, but it never worked out. I had to move away from my fathers’ house with my little boy. I was struggling to look after my son because I had to go to school. I ended up losing my son from diarrhoea. I was heartbroken and very angry with my family for not looking after him well enough.”

A few years later I became pregnant again. I never told anyone about it. I went to stay with my sister in Capricorn. I was really scared for myself and my child. I was still young and I knew my family lacked support. I went to Retreat MOU where I met Tracey. She told me lots of options to keep my baby safe.

All I wanted was a loving and warm life. She said that she could take me to a place where I can be taken care of. I was really at peace with my decision to give my child for adoption. I knew I was giving her a better life than I could ever give her. I know in my heart that she will understand. I kept in contact with Tracey. I started opening up to my friends and told them my story. Two of my friends needed help and I referred them to Tracey and were helped too.

Tracey saw how much I had grown and she stared inviting me to speak to the girls at the schools and churches where she gave talks. I know that my story has helped a lot of the girls that I speak to.


16th July 2016