We love and support pregnant women and new moms, ensuring they’re equipped with basic resources and a hand to hold during and after labour.

Mom and Baby Packs

The Zoe Project makes up mom packs and baby packs to send home with mothers in need. Women are often ill-prepared for labour or perhaps don’t have any resources at home (or no home at all) for their newborn. Thanks to generous donations from businesses and individuals, these packs are a great care kickstart for mothers and families.

Baby Packs consist of a vest, a baby grow, 3 nappies, a jersey, booties, a cap, a receiving blanket, a knitted/crochet blanket, a toy. Baby packs are packed into a handmade baby bag.

Mother Pack contents are packed into a 2-litre ice cream container with a short encouraging message and a toothbrush and paste, panties, two sanitary towels, soap, a face cloth, lip ice and a snack.

Kangaroo Mother Care Packs are used for premature babies or full-term babies with a low birth weight (1.7kg – 2kg) who need to be strapped to their mothers 24/7 to secure their survival.  A Mobi wrap – or similar wraps assist the mothers to keep their precious baby snug and safe while they carry on with their normal tasks. These packs comprise of a wrap, preemie beanie and booties and an educational brochure about Kangaroo Mother Care.


The Zoe Project also provides volunteer doula services at the Retreat MOU to women in labour. A doula (pronounced “doó la”, also known as a labour coach and originating from Ancient Greek) is a non-medical person who assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth. A doula provides emotional and physical support to the woman. This takes the form of comfort, reassurance and gentle touch. 

Meals for Moms

The Zoe Project provides over one hundred meals per month to the Retreat and Hanover Park MOU. The project caters for women in need of nourishment post-delivery.

For details on how you could support and enable the above, please visit our Get Involved page.