Tracey Aitken
Founder / Director

Our Story

“The Zoe Project is about life” – Tracey Aitken

In 1998, Tracey Aitken started running educational programmes at Retreat Maternity and Obstetrics Unit (MOU), which services pregnant women from the community as well as surrounding areas. Being made aware of the needs of the women who come to the MOU to have their babies, she started collecting and making essential packs for disadvantaged mothers and babies who were in desperate need. The first young pregnant girl that Tracey counselled came from an abusive relationship and broken family. With support and counselling, the girl decided to have the baby adopted and the baby was named Zoe…which means life…and The Zoe Project was born.

“It always seems impossible, until it is done” – Nelson Mandela


What We Believe

We are passionate supporters of human rights and believe that every woman and child has the potential to achieve so much if given the right care and unconditional love – no matter what the situation. We are driven to educate women about their rights and to empower them to make good decisions for themselves and their children.


How We Do It

The Zoe Project believes that healthy, educated and empowered women can support healthy babies – breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse. We are driven to provide women with options concerning their health and their future and to give them hope and a place of safety where they can seek support for any issue. The Zoe Project treats each and every woman and baby on an individual basis – in a holistic manner – providing maternal and infant care, counselling, food, and clothing as needed. Every woman and child who walks through our door becomes one of the Zoe Family and we make them feel loved, important and heard.

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